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  • About Us

What We Do

You know that a leather jacket is an iconic piece of clothing. It has a certain allure that draws gangsters,aviators and rock stars. The reason for this is because leather is a natural, adaptable, breathablematerial that can be designed in various ways to suit the person wearing it. Leather Jackets have aninextricable link to Hollywood, and this is what we do.

We design leather jackets with fanatical attention to detail inspired by your favorite flicks.

Acclaim was received in various Hollywood films, to name a few. In 1953 Marlon Brando The Wild Onebrought us the Perfecto motorcycle jacket. In 1978 in Greece John Travolta and Olivia Newton Johnmade those jackets worn in the film bestsellers. Last but not least credit goes to Brad Pitt in the movieFight Club where Tyler Durden appears in different variations of his red leather jacket.

We have taken considerable care and attention to detail to ensure that we meet your expectations, wewelcome you to our collection. Feel free to add to our collection by dropping us a line and letting usknow what we may have missed.