The Bane Coat

Batman’s The Dark Knight Rises is directed by Christopher Nolan. This is the third and final of the
Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises is currently the eighth-highest-grossing film of all time, the third-
highest-grossing film of 2012, and the second-highest-grossing superhero film of all time. 1

One of Batman’s more physically powerful and intellectual enemies is Bane. The character played
by Tom Hardy. The costume designers have shown the villain that took down Gotham City wearing a
leather jacket in exceptional uniqueness.

Bane is a terrorist, has a florid speech and the physique of a gorilla. He is brutal in his fighting style and is
more menacing than any of the other villains of the previous Batman movies. 2

The Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming the designer of Bane’s shearling-and-brown coat
mentions in an interview. The plan was to induce a French Revolutionary-style high-standing collar,
which goes up and then comes back down. Inspiration was sought from military wear, the kind that
mercenaries would wear in Eastern Europe or Northern Pakistan. This killer looking jacket was made by
Belstaff the luxury British brand.3

Interestingly, the first model used was a shearling Swedish winter coat. It was worn by the Swedish
Army officers in the 1930’s it is better known as M1909 Field Coat however, some modifications were
made for Tom Hardy’s character giving it a more modern look.4

Bane wears a distinctive leather coat in distressed leather that had enhanced his demoniac character.
The exterior of this coat has a mixture of dark and light brown color that adds rough and sharp attitude
to the villain.

This distressed cowhide leather coat has fastening with buttons down the front. It also has a big and
broad collar that is very erect and has a faux lining that is shearling-lined which adds drama and courage
to Bane’s persona. The design of this coat is matchless and brings out the stout stature of Bane in the

The Bane leather coat has set new standards in Hollywood fashion. There are already different varieties
of this jacket already made by the likes of Louis Vuitton to ErmenegildoZegna5

We at Leather Madness have produced an exact replica of this masterpiece that you could own and
flaunt exhibiting fume and rage for fashion and with style. This military-inspired leather coat features
a special antique cowhide with full faux fur lining, trim and collar. The buttons and heavily distressed





cotton canvas give this jacket a battle worn appearance, coupled with intricate stitching to the vintage
style pocketing.

We have taken our time in crafting this jacket; it has double stitching for maximum durability and we
only use high grade YKK zippers in all our merchandise. All sizes are available from XS to XXXL. We
package your jacket in a dust cover to provide protection during the transit. Our delivery times are
between 10 to 15 business working days, we’ll provide you with a tracking number for your piece of
mind. Finally, if there are any alterations you want to this Bane coat this is also doable but then the
jacket will be considered as a custom purchase.

By Jeff Colbert
Box Office Leather

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